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Updated: Jan 4

This week, RipSaw Robotics had our Wall-E movie night! We planned out who will be attending our Kickoff Event at Esko, along with mapping out Competition. Our goals this week include finishing grant applications and reviewing plans for our upcoming STEAM camps.

This week's senior spotlight is Edward Stone!

EJ has been on the team for 4 years, and his plans after high school include going to school to major in Computer Science. EJ's favorite robotics memory is the one time he had a bad code and ended up driving the robot straight into the wall during competition! His favorite song at the moment is Words I Used by The Backseat Lovers. You can normally find Edward directing the build team or 12,000 feet in the air, flying an airplane! #MeetTheTeam

We all hope you have a happy holiday! Stay safe! Love,

RipSaw Robotics 7797

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Updated: Jan 25

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Updated: Dec 13, 2023

This week, we started taking headshots of our team, and finalizing our safety manuals/quizzes. We also started polishing senior spotlights, injury logs, and the IMPACT Award. Logistics started brainstorming our STEAM Camps and Build finished cleaning. The ele ctrical team also started taking apart Robot-In-A-Box, and dis-assembling previous game pieces. Our biggest accomplishment this week was CLEANING OUT OUR CLOSET!!! We are much more organized than we were before and now we will be better prepared for this season! With a newly organized closet, and updates on safety standards, RipSaw Robotics is set to start for the season!

Our goals this week include:

  • uploading headshots

  • updating our social media(s)

  • senior spotlights & meeting the team

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