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Week of January 8 to 12

Updated: Jan 18

On Saturday, January 6, RipSaw Robotics headed to Esko High School to watch kickoff! We split into groups to meet with different people from Esko; we discussed business, gameplay, match play, graphic design, and Ri3D (robot in 3 days).


Our goals this week include finishing sponsorship thank you cards, setting goals for the build season, and working through possible strategies for the season! At the start of practice on Monday, we reiterated our Core Values, as a reminder for our upcoming (and possibly stressful) competition season. Our Core Values include:

  • respect, honesty, kindness

  • open-mindedness, flexibility, patience

  • hard work, perseverance, commitment,

  • curiosity, creativity, individuality

  • inclusion, teamwork

  • fun, positivity

Core Values keep RipSaw Robotics together as a team, and hold a place for a reminder that even when things get stressful, we are all apart of RipSaw Robotics!

We are also focused on finishing planning the next steps for our STEAM Camp(s), along with plans for the podcast.

This week's senior spotlight is Alexa Shepherd! Alexa is athletic, quick-witted, and imaginative! You can typically find Alexa doing a crossword or running on the track.

Alexa has been on the team for 2 years, and plans on attending a 4-year college, majoring in political science. Her favorite song at the moment is Ghost In The Machine by SZA and Phoebe Bridgers, and her favorite robotics memory is collecting buttons from other teams at competition! #MeetTheTeam

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