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RipSaw Robotics

FRC 7797

Core Values

Core Values

Respect, Kindness, Honesty

As a team, Ripsaw Robotics decided that respect deserved the number one spot on our core values list. Respect promotes kindness and honesty. We pride ourselves in keeping respect for ourselves, our team, and our equipment. 

Open-Mindedness, Flexibility, Patience
Hard Work,  Determination, Commitment

Our team is open to all ideas and opinions that consistently result in a great outcome. Being open-minded, flexible, and patient means giving everybody a chance to express their thoughts and ideas.

Hard work is a key value of our team. We strive to improve our robot and team chemistry at every practice, while keeping the other five core values in mind. Without hard work and long hours of commitment, we wouldn’t accomplish nearly as much as we have thus far. 

Curiosity Creativity, Individuality 

 We work to promote the importance of creativity, individuality, and independence. Using our imaginations and personal skills helps us collaborate and move forward as a team. These combined efforts represent what curiosity means to us.

Inclusion, Teamwork
Fun, Positivity

Our team wants to embody inclusion and teamwork during our time spent together at competitions and practices. We prioritize everybody on the team having a purpose. We want the entire team to work together towards a common goal. 

We believe it is important to mix work with play, all while having fun. Robotics can be very stressful at times, and sometimes you might lose sight of why you joined the team in the first place. By staying positive and uplifting one another, we want to create a fun environment that isn’t completely engulfed by the idea of competition.



Over the last three years, we achieved the All-Star Rookie Award,  Safety Award, and the Imagery Award.


About Us

We are Ripsaw Robotics! Our robotics program represents Cloquet High School and gives students the opportunity to be exposed to many facets of engineering and STEM careers. FIRST Robotics gives our students a chance to use their variety of strengths and further expand their technical and teamwork skills.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 4.16.32 PM.png

2021-22 Season Team Picture

Rambling with Ripsaw

Ripsaw Robotics is proud to present our new podcast, Rambling with Ripsaw. The episodes are hosted by Elise Sertich and are co-hosted by various students ranging from students in Ripsaw Robotics to schools across the Northland.

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